Correspondence with Catholic Priests

Email to the president of Providence College on December 11, 2012
Dear Fr. Shanley,
I’v asked Nicano Austiraco, Gary Culpepper, Paul Gondreau, James Keating, Sandra Keating, and Tomas Petri to resign from the Academy of Catholic Theology to protest the actions of fellow members Stephen Barr, who writes about evolutionary biology on the pages of First Things, and Russell Reno, who is the editor.

Russell and Barr are helping the American Journal of Physics and the American Association of Physics Teachers cover up the mistake of publishing an absurd article (Daniel F. Styer,  “Entropy and evolution,” Am. J. Phys., Vol. 76, No. 11, November 2008). I explain why the article should be retracted in an essay published by the newsletter of the Catholic Truth of Scotland (

In an email to me, Stephen Barr said the AJP article was okay and that I was harming the Catholic Church. This is like mathematicians arguing about whether 2 +2 = 4 because the AJP article is based on an erroneous equation in physics and we both have PhDs in physics. Also, you don’t need to be a physicist to see why the article is anti-creationist propaganda with no scientific value. This is why I expect the above faculty members of Providence College to respond to my request in a more reasonable way than they have.

I asked Russell Reno for a personal interview so that I could explain why Barr and the editor and publisher of the American Journal of Physics are violating accepted procedures for peer-reviewed journals. Reno’s negative response to my request for an interview is similar to the response of many members of the Academy of Catholic Theology.

The behavior of mobs is part of the history of the 19th and 20th centuries.  The Academy of Catholic Theology has become a mob that lies about science, not the kind that breaks glass windows.

The following are links to my conversations with physicists about the AJP article. (see below)

Very truly yours, David Roemer

Letter sent to Fr. Joseph Daoust of “Domus Interprovinciales Romanae”on January 17, 2013
Dear Fr. Daoust,
I am writing to complain about the 10 Jesuits who are members of the Academy of Catholic Theology ( and four Provincials. One such Provincial is Father Provincial David S. Ciancimino of New York who refused my request for a personal interview. I’v asked the 10 Jesuits to resign from the Academy of Catholic Theology to protest the conduct of three other members: Stephen M. Barr, R. R. Reno, and Robert Louis Wilken who are affiliated with the journal First Things. My complaint against First Things is that it is refusing to republish my letter in the Catholic Truth of Scotland (

The Catholic Truth of Scotland explains why an article titled, “Entropy and evolution,” (Am. J. Phys., Vol. 76, No. 11, November 2008,, should be retracted. My reasons for recommending such a drastic remedy are here:

Dr. Barr, who received the Benemerenti medal from Pope Benedict, said I was mistaken about evolution and was harming the Catholic Church. First Things is helping the American Journal of Physics and its publishers (American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Institute of Physics) cover up its mistake. The phenomena of the Big Bang, the origin of life, and evolution are reasons to believe in the Bible because the Bible says God created the universe from nothing for the sake of mankind. For a peer-reviewed journal to disseminate misinformation about evolution is outrageous.

My correspondence with physicists about this issue is here:

My YouTube video titled “The Truth About Evolution and Religion” ( also sheds light on this issue.This is a link to my submission to First Things:

I’m willing to drop my complaint against Fr. Ciancimino if he sends someone to attend a lecture I am giving in New York City on March 15, 2013. There is no cost for the lecture and no ticket, but to obtain a reservation and the exact location and time click on the following link:

<A HREF=”″>Reservation for “Pseudoscience in the American Journal of Physics”</A>

Very truly yours, David Roemer

Letters sent on June 4, 2013
Dear Fr. Ciancimino and Fr. Smolich,
I am writing to ask you to reconsider your decision not to meet with me so that I can explain why “Entropy and evolution,” (Am. J. Phys., Vol. 76, No. 11, Nov. 2008) should be retracted and why your behaviors are damaging the reputations of Catholic priests.

The newsletter of the Catholic Truth of Scotland published my explanation of why the article is absurd to rebut atheistic propaganda. Stephen Barr, a member of the Academy of Catholic Theology and a Benemerenti Medal winner, said I was mistaken and that I was “harming the Catholic Church.” I accused him of not reading my analysis and demanded an apology. He ignored my emails and faxes. Nor did he advise the Catholic Truth of Scotland that I was mistaken. I might add that no one has answered the analysis at I am accusing Dr. Barr of lying about our salvation history.

The AJP article also undermines the integrity of science and is a matter of national concern.  I am communicating with Congressman Yvette Clarke’s office. A member of her staff named Scott initially told me that he could not be my advocate based on the information I initially gave him. I then gave him a 10-page document with 9 exhibits, and he told me the matter was being considered. Fr. Smolich’s remark that Scott was giving me a runaround is without basis, so far as I know.

If my accusation against Dr. Barr and his Jesuit enablers is not resolved, I will file a complaint with Cardinal Dolan against Fr. Joseph Koterski and Fr. Joseph Lienhart because of their connection with Barr through the Academy of Catholic Theology, and Fr. Ciancimino and Fr. Joseph McShane.

Very truly yours, David Roemer
Faxed to 212-794-1036 and 202-328-9212
Mailed with certificate of mailing

Letter sent on June 6, 2013 to Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Your Eminence,
I am filing a complaint against Fr. Thomas Smolich, President of the Jesuits Conference in the United States, for refusing to meet with me to discuss what I hope will be a sign that God has communicated Himself to mankind: The American Journal of Physics retracts an article about biological evolution published in 2008.

In my opinion, creationists and advocates of the theory of intelligent design are not good witnesses to faith in God because they promote scientific theories not supported by evidence. They make humanists and atheists look like paragons of reason. This peer-reviewed AJP article does the exact opposite. It makes creationists look like paragons of reason, and mainstream scientists look like lunatics. It proves there is something rotten in the scientific culture of the United States.

Richard Dawkins repeated the atheistic propaganda in this article, and the Catholic Truth of Scotland published my rebuttal in May 2012. First Things, America Magazine, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, and Zygon: the Journal of Religion and Science are refusing to expose this scandal. I blame a prominent Catholic physicist, Dr. Stephen Barr, for this because he has explicitly stated that I am wrong and am “harming the Catholic Church.” Because so many Jesuits are affiliated with Dr. Barr though their membership in the Academy of Catholic Theology, I think Fr. Smolich has a duty to determine which of us is harming the Catholic Church. I describe Dr. Barr’s conduct in a letter to the President of New York University.

Very truly yours, David Roemer
1) Letter to Fr. Smolich and Fr. Ciacimino, dated June 4, 2013
2) “Entropy and evolution,” Am. J. Phys., Vol. 76, No. 11, November 2008
3) Letter to Congressman Yvette Clarke, undated to Scott
4) Addendum to above letter titled “Thirteen Quotes About Evolution”
5) Manuscript submitted to Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
6) Manuscript submitted to First Things and Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
7) Letter to President of New York University, dated February 24, 2013

Letter from Timothy Cardinal Dolan dated June 7, 2013
Dear Dr. Roemer,
Thank you most sincerely for your letter of June 6, 2013, together with your enclosures. Your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated.

While I am grateful for your kindness in writing, neither as Archbishop of New York nor as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops do I have canonical (Church law) jurisdiction over Father Thomas Smolich, S. J. I trust that you will understand.

With prayerful best wishes, I am, Faithfully in Christ,
Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York

Letter sent to webmaster  of on June 19, 2013 by David Roemer
Acting upon the advise of my pastor, I recently filed a complaint against the President of the Jesuit Conference of the United States (Thomas Smolich) with Cardinal Timothy Dolan for refusing to see me about a matter that compromises the integrity of Catholic priests who are part of the scientific culture of the United States because of their roll as teachers and editors. These priests are showing more devotion and loyalty to this atheistic culture than to the Catholic Church. Cardinal Dolan advised me in a letter that he has no jurisdiction over Fr. Smolich even though he is president of the United States Association of Catholic Bishops.

Fr. Smolich and other Jesuits are putting me in the position of calling Catholic priests liars and moral cowards over an absurd article published by the American Journal of Physics about evolution and thermodynamics.  This link ( is to an article I wrote about this shocking scandal.

I told Fr. Smolich’s assistant about Cardinal Dolan’s refusal to get involved today. Hopefully, Fr. Smolich will screw up his courage and deal with this situation in a responsible manner. If not, I would like to send the Superior General the same information I gave Cardinal Dolan.

Open Letter to Jesuits
I am complaining about a number of Jesuits to the Superior General and Timothy Cardinal Dolan for taking the side of atheists in the culture war about evolutionary biology. Cardinal Dolan’s response to my letter is at

This scandal began when I started criticizing Richard Dawkins for some drivel he wrote about evolution and a branch of physics called thermodynamics. One of the reasons to believe in God is that those who don’t usually give bad reasons for not believing. Showing that a famous atheist doesn’t understand thermodynamics is a good way to preach the gospel. To understand this disagreement about evolution you need to know the four laws of thermodynamics:

  • Temperatures are measured with a thermometer (zeroth).
  • Energy is conserved (first).
  • Heat flows from hot to cold (second).
  • Minus 270 degrees on the Celsius scale is as cold as it gets (third).

Glenn Branch of the National Center for Science Education squelched me by citing an article (“Entropy and evolution,” Am. J. Phys., Vol. 76, No. 11, November 2008) disseminating the same mistaken ideas as Dawkins backed up with an erroneous calculation and the authority of a peer-reviewed science journal.
I was amazed at the stupidity of the article and emailed a protest to the editor. Instead of forwarding my criticism to the author, the editor suggested I submit an article of rebuttal.

I graduated from New York University in 1971 with a Ph.D. in physics, and contacted a professor at NYU with expertise in thermodynamics. He confirmed that the calculation in the American Journal of Physics article was wrong, but declined to help me when he realized that I was trying to get the article retracted. His last email to me was hostile and insulting.

I submitted an article of rebuttal, and an anonymous reviewer rejected it. I told the American Association of Physics Teachers, the American Institute of Physics, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Science Foundation about this pseudoscience to no avail. In April 2013, I began communicating with a member of the staff of my congressman, Yvette Clarke. I submitted a 10-page document arguing that the AJP was perpetrating a fraud upon the citizens of the United States by not retracting “Entropy and evolution.” I was assured me that my allegation is being investigated. The documents I submitted to Congressman Clarke are at

In the meantime, the newsletter of the Catholic Truth of Scotland published my refutation of the AJP article. In the hope of getting support, I contacted Stephen M. Barr, who writes about science and religion for First Things. Dr. Barr is a member of the Catholic Academy of Theology, a fellow of the American Physical Society, and a recipient of the Benemerenti Medal by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007. Dr. Barr told me that I was wrong and was “harming the Catholic Church.” Nothing in his email attempted to defend or explicate the absurd calculation.

I contacted the 10 Jesuits who are members of the Academy of Catholic Theology, and asked them to expel Dr. Barr for helping the AJP to cover up its mistake. They all are ignoring my entreaties even though I complained to their Provincials (James Shae, David Ciancimino, J. Daniel Daley, Timothy Kesicki) and the president of the Jesuit Conference in the United States (Thomas Smolich).

In addition to the references I gave Congressman Clarke, a new article was just published that explains why the AJP article is so wrong. [Sewell G (2013) Entropy and evolution. BIO-Complexity 2013 (2): 1-5. doi:10.5048/BIO-C.2013.2]. I’d like to supplement Sewell’s analysis with an explication of a statement made by a biologist about the imagined connection between evolution and thermodynamics:

Considered thermodynamically, the problem of neo-Darwinism is the production of order by random events. (Ludwig von Bertalanffy, “Chance or Law,” in Beyond Reductionism: New Perspectives in the Life Sciences, The Macmillan Company, 1969, page 76)

The unnecessary adverbial phrase “Considered thermodynamically” encapsulates the error of creationists and advocates of intelligent design who think evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics and anti-religion advocates who think evolution does not.

Bertalanffy doesn’t understand there are different meanings of the word order and the phrase random events. A gas consists of many molecules, and a protein is composed of hundreds of amino acids bonded together. This famous biologist thinks there is something to be learned by comparing a gas and a protein.

Each amino acid has to be in exactly the right place for a protein to work in a living organism. Bertalanffy presumably thinks we know the location of amino acids in a protein, but we don’t know the location of molecules in a gas. The exact opposite is true. All we know about the location of amino acids is which amino acid is next to which. We don’t know the location of the amino acids in x, y, and z coordinates. On the other hand, we know the x, y, and z coordinates of all of the molecules in the gas because we know where the container that holds the gas is located. Because of this confusion, Bertalanffy thinks a protein has more “order” than a gas.

Concerning “random events,” Bertalanffy can’t distinguish between improbable events and probability calculations. Biologists calculate the probability of getting the primary structure of a protein by the random selection of amino acids. Physicists can calculate the probability that oxygen molecules in a room will randomly drift out the windows and doors leaving the room short of oxygen. An oxygen-deprived room is an improbable event. The calculation by biologists is just a probability calculation.
Very truly yours,
David Roemer

Letter sent to Very Rev. Adolfo Nicolás Pachón on July 15, 2013, by registered mail (RE862697742US) to Borgo Santo Spirito 4, 00193 Roma, Italy
Dear Father General,
A number of Jesuits in the United States are helping the American Journal of Physics cover up its mistake in publishing an article about evolution and creationism in 2008.

I currently reside in the parish of the Church of Notre Dame in Manhattan. I discussed the matter with my pastor before filing the enclosed complaint against Fr. Smolich with Cardinal Dolan. Cardinal Dolan said that he does not have jurisdiction, so I am telling you about my low opinion of the character of many Jesuits. A version of my article published by the newsletter of the Catholic Truth of Scotland (“Evolution and the Culture War”) and a manuscript (“Exploring the Conflict Between Science and Religion”) are also enclosed. I am broadcasting the enclosed “Open Letter to Jesuits,” and sent it to all of the Jesuits I have previously contacted.

Since the integrity of science is a matter of national concern, I filed a complaint with my congressman, Yvette Clarke. A member of her staff (Scott) assured me that my accusation of pseudoscience is being investigated after receiving the enclosed letter and Thirteen Quotes About Evolution.
Concerning my enclosed letter to Fr. McShane, Fr. Koterski told me over the phone that it would be inappropriate for him to question Dr. Barr about his knowledge of physics. Fr. McShane ignored my written and oral request for an appointment.

Concerning my enclosed letter to Fr. Daoust, I am accusing Fr. Ciancimino of not accepting my invitation to the lecture because he would be obliged to tell Fr. Koterski and Fr. Lienhard that he was taking seriously my accusation against them and Dr. Barr. I try to explain in my enclosed letter to Fr. Sheeran the reason nobody wants to hear what I have to say in person.
Very truly yours, David Roemer
Letter to Cardinal Dolan dated June 6, 2013
Evolution and the Culture War
Exploring the Conflict Between Science and Religion
Open Letter to Jesuits
Letter to Scott
Thirteen Quotes About Evolution
Letter to Fr. Joseph McShane dated February 21, 2013
Letter to Fr. Joseph Daoust dated January 17, 2013
Letter to Fr. Sheeran dated July 2, 20

Letter sent to Timothy Cardinal Dolan on August 7, 2013
Your Eminence,
I have not yet gotten a response to the registered letter (RE862697742US) dated July 16, 2013, I sent Fr. Adolfo Nicolás Pachón after you said you had no jurisdiction over the Jesuits I am criticizing for helping the American Journal of Physics cover up the mistake of publishing article about evolution that promotes atheism. I’v enclosed the USPS confirmation that his office got it on July 25, 2013. If I don’t get a response from Fr. Pachón in a few weeks, I will bring the matter to the attention of Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization.

I sent a registered letter to Archbishop Fisichella on November 19, 2012, about the Shroud of Turin and your criticism that my slideshow/lecture “debunked” the Holy Shroud ( I have not even gotten an acknowledgment that this letter was received. I will ask the Pontifical Council to consider both matters.
Very truly yours, David Roemer=
Faxed to Frs. Ciancimino, Smolich, and Sheeran

Letter sent to João Bráz de Aviz, Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Apostolic Life, Palazzo della Congregazioni, Piazza Pio XII, 3, 00193 Rome, Italy by registered mail (RE862673644US) on September 26, 2013, and faxed to 39.06.69884526.

Your Eminence,
I’m complaining about the character of a number of Jesuits and Dominicans teaching in the United States for helping the American Journal of Physics cover up its mistake in publishing the enclosed article (Am. J. Phys., Vol. 76, No. 11, Nov. 2008). The article promotes atheism because it misrepresents evolutionary biology. The inability of science to explain the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the evolution of whales from single-celled organisms in a hundred million decades, and the “fine-tuning” of physical constants is a sign that the Bible was divinely inspired because the Bible says God created the universe from nothing and cares about our welfare.

The article undermines the integrity of science and is a matter of national concern. I have filed a complaint against the AJP with my representative in the United States House of Representatives. If the AJP retracts the article, it will show how irrational atheists can be about biological evolution and religion.

Jesuits and Dominicans are involved through their connection with Stephen Barr, Ph.D., who is a prominent physicist and a member of the Academy of Catholic Theology. Dr. Barr told me that I am mistaken about the AJP article and am “harming the Catholic Church.” I asked the Jesuit and Dominican members of the Academy of Catholic Theology to expel Dr. Barr or resign from this organization. One Jesuit, a theologian, told me that it would be “inappropriate” for him to question Barr about his knowledge of physics. My allegation against that particular Jesuit is that he is a coward.

I had no success in getting the Jesuit provincials to meet with me. I filed a complaint with the Father General, and my registered letter was received on July 27, 2013. On August 25, 2013, I got an email from saying some office would contact me. No Jesuit did, but on September 9, 2013, I met with Rev. Brian Mulcahy, O. P., who is the chairman of the Providence College Corporation. A physics teacher and a biology teacher at Providence College have been giving me a runaround about the article. Fr. Mulcahy promised to confront these two teachers with my allegations. The biology teacher is a Dominican, and Fr. Mulcahy knows him personally. On September 13, 2013, I told the Jesuit webmaster about this meeting in an email.

My correspondence with Catholics is at My correspondence with the U. S. House of Representatives is at I was interviewed on a radio show about this matter. A podcast of this interview is called “Evolution Hoax” and it is at

Asking the blessing of Your Eminence, I am,
Yours respectfully in Christ, David Roemer

Email sent to Nicano Pier Giorgio Austiraco and Robert La Montagne on December 23, 2013
Dear Fr. Austriaco and Dr. La Montagne,
I met with Fr. Mulcahy on September  9 and explained to him why the AJP article was absurd, and why you two are being dishonest. He told me he would confront Fr. Austriaco with my criticisms.

In the meantime, I got an email from Daniel Styer, the author of the absurd article. I called him at home, and we discussed the matter for sometime. He seemed to be stressed out by what I am doing and saying. His suffering, and all the other suffering I have caused, is not on my conscience. I am following my conscience.

What you can do is contact your congressman and ask about the status of the investigation being conducted by Yvette Clarke (D-NY, 9th district) according to Scott, her director of communications. If there has been no investigation, I will file an ethics complaint against Congressman Clarke. Maybe I can get Scott fired, just like, I hope, I got David Grier fired.

My offer to go to Providence and tell you two off to your faces is still open.

Very truly yours, David Roemer

Email from Robert La Montagne on December 23, 2013

You are becoming scary. Please do not come to my campus. I keep a 32 revolver in my desk to protect me from people like you. Please have no doubts about me using it on you.

Please take me off your mailing list and never contact me again.

I hope you have a happy Christmas –

Sincerely, Bob

Email sent to Robert La Montagne on December 25, 2013

Subject: Criminal Charges
Dear Bob,
Please call me about this matter ASAP. Basically, I threatened to come up to Providence College from New York City and confront you and Fr. Austriaco with my accusations of dishonesty. I am a gentleman, and the worst that could have happened is a fair fist fight. I cannot ignore your threat to shoot me dead with the revolver in your desk draw because it hows how irrational you and others are behaving about the American Journal of Physics article titled, “Entropy and evolution” (November, 2008) by Daniel Styer of Oberlin College. Consider this timeline:

1) On Feb. 1, 2012, I told the AJP about the error in the article.
2) On June 28, 2013, I told Dr. Styer about the error.
3) On Sept. 9, 2013, I told Fr. Mulcahy about the error and said that you and Fr. Austriaco were helping the AJP cover up its mistake by lying to me. Fr. Mulcahy promised to confront Fr. Austriaco with my accusations in an email to Fr. Austriaco, who was abroad at that time.
4) On Dec. 20, 2013, a creationist emailed Dr. Styer about my efforts to get the AJP to retract the article..
5) On Dec. 21, 2013, Dr. Styer emailed me “CreationWikiReply.pdf.” In a long and emotional telephone conversation he said my article in titled “Pseudoscience in the American Journal of Physics” was wrong. Styer’s document and his statements on the telephone were irrational and incoherent.

This raises the question of what transpired between Fr. Mulcahy, Fr. Austriaco, and you. Why do I get threatened with death after telling Fr. Mulcahy that you and Fr. Austriaco are Satan’s rag babies.
Very truly yours, David Roemer

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